ANT takes advantage of SMARTCRM and abas interface

Drive technology manufacturer has been relying on CRM support since 2011

Throughout the company, ANT GmbH has been relying on our CRM solution since 2011. SMARTCRM is indeed used in the following department :

“Unfortunately, we came to realize that many providers could not keep the promise of a problem-free connection to abas ERP. However, the SMARTCRM presentation was just as convincing as the uncomplicated setup of the interface between CRM and ERP.” recalls Dieter Kaidel, IT specialist and assistant to the management at ANT. This is because the interface from SMARTCRM to abas could be set with little effort thanks to the long-term cooperation partnership with abas Software AG and the resulting large ERP expertise. Thanks to the interface that already fulfilled almost all of ANT’s requirements as standard, SMARTCRM imports from abas ERP:

  • turnover positions
  • incoming order positions
  • order backlog items
  • contribution margin positions
  • open items
  • quotations
  • framework orders
  • suppliers
  • orders
  • order backlog
  • open invoices

Thanks to the bidirectionality of the interface, our CRM system opens customers and suppliers in abas ERP in the opposite direction. SMARTCRM evaluates figures from the company overview to individual customers and products – including the planned and previous year’s figures – and thus shows:

  • the complete company statistics,
  • customer hit lists
  • or order overviews.

“With the CRM solution and its ease of use, we were able to significantly reduce the time required for analyzing and preparing our figures.” explains Dieter Kaidel.

In addition, sales employees can see the current status of their target achievement at a glance at any time. The targets are also displayed on the SMART Board of the CRM solution along with many other overviews customized for ANT.

Furthermore, SMARTCRM supports field employees in planning tours using:

  • convenient transfer of addresses to Bing Maps, e.g. of a sales territory or in the vicinity of a customer
  • visualization and narrowing
  • transfer back to SMARTCRM and assignment to a tour
  • convenient appointment creation in the SMARTCRM.Organizer
  • complete overview of past and incoming tours

The service employees document the incoming complaints in details, from the notification to the conclusion, in SMARTCRM and create various reports such as 8D reports directly in the CRM solution. This way, the seamless follow up of all tickets is guaranteed at all times.

Moreover, the purchasing department relies on SMARTCRM and manages the supplier addresses in our CRM system. Information related to orders, open invoices, etc. are imported from abas ERP and processed.

The complete user report can be found here:

The cooperation with SMARTCRM is very close and at eye level at all times. We are also very satisfied with the support. When we have requests, the project managers or the hotline team help us quickly and in a competent manner.

Dieter Kaidel, IT specialist/Assitant to the management at ANT GmbH