100 percent acceptance of SMARTCRM

CRM solution and ERP interface to Sage 100 perform at Pultex GmbH

Since 2019, Pultex has been using our CRM solution in sales field and back office. Thanks to the CRM implementation, the specialized retailer for plastics in industry and small trade pursued the following goals:

  • elimination of isolated solutions,
  • optimized field integration
  • as well as the improved documentation and tracking of activities and quotations.

In the course of the CRM selection process, software checked by Pultex often did not meet the company’s requirements. On the contrary, SMARTCRM impressed with numerous advantages and fulfilled the criteria such as:

  • the clear focus on CRM,
  • flexibility and expandability through modular structure,
  • the interface to ERP system Sage 100,
  • and optimal support directly from the CRM manufacturer.

Using the customized interface, which can be expanded at any time, SMARTCRM imports from Sage 100:

  • customers
  • suppliers
  • products
  • quotation including positions 
  • samples
  • turnover or order backlog items and open items

Thomas Bongard managing director at Pultex: “The interface is great because the possibilities here are also unlimited.“

The figures are evaluated by SMARTCRM in a variety of BI analyses. Whereas detailed evaluations used to be just impossible at Pultex and analyses had to be sent out to the employees in a time-consuming manner, sales figures as well as quotation and project information can be called up in SMARTCRM at any time down to the smallest detail and according to managing director Thomas Bonguard “at extreme speed”.

SMARCTM provides also sustainable support to the field staff, for instance through

This way, the field staff uses SMARTCRM

  • to visualize the customers to be visited in Bing Maps,
  • to plan routes,
  • to create appointments and plan activities,
  • to follow-up on visit (documentation, task generation and traceability)

SMARTCRM is accepted by employees with no exception since the advantages of the user-friendly CRM solution are clearly evident to all. SMARTCRM bundles all data in one system and provides an extensive information gathering and documentation on a customer – from the turnover development to the open quotations up to the purchased machines. This way, no information is lost anymore.

According to managing director Thomas Bongard, working without the CRM software is no longer an option at Pultex: “Sooner or later, we will use all SMARTCRM modules.”

The complete user report can be found here

SMARTCRM is simply a terrific piece of software. Here at Pultex, it’s just: there is nothing it can’t do. And the support is also perfect: after sales is a top priority with SMARTCRM.

Thomas Bongard, Managing Director at Pultex GmbH