SMARTCRM 20.2 More covenient searching and filtering

With the new version, you find the exact data even faster

The new SMARTCRM version 20.2 will be launched shortly. And it is all about optimized usability in terms of searching and filtering. In 20.2, for instance, users can define their own searches as templates and call them up again at any time. Also of interest for sales and marketing are the new filter variables thanks to which selections relating to a specific time period, such as the past seven days, can be created more conveniently. And these are just two of the many advantages offered by SMARTCRM 20.2.

There have also been some changes in the SMARTCRM.Organizer. For example, SMARTCRM supports users in creating a group appointment by having our CRM system show them the free timeslots in the schedule where all participants are available. Furthermore, in the weekly schedule, users can now conveniently move appointments using drag & drop.

The SMARTCRM.App 20.2 has a lot to offer. The innovations include, for instance, the capture and processing of lead information without immediate address assignment. This means that users at the trade fair can save notes in the CRM system right during the conversation with a prospective customer and only later import address and contact person information via the business card. Other new features in version 20.2 cover additional statistical evaluations useful for the sales department and the creation of new projects and activities, when the module is implemented.