Our CRM system scores in Switzerland

SMARTCRM supports field service and back office at RUWAG Handels AG

Since 2015, the sales and service departments of RUWAG Handels AG have been working with SMARTCRM. The Swiss company has been engaged in distribution and consulting in the medical diagnostic and life science (research) sectors as well as in the sales of reagents and instruments.

RUWAG decided to implement a CRM solution because of the company growth and the setting up of a new business unit.

For the CRM decision, SMARTCRM scored with

As cooperation partner of UB-Software Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH, we offer a standard interface to Majesty.NET. Over this, SMARTCRM imports from the ERP system

  • stocks on hand data
  • sales figures
  • inventory and device data

RUWAG keeps track of all data of the delivered instruments at any time thanks to SMARTCRM since all important information are recorded in the instrument file, for example:

  • device standard
  • operational status
  • date of installation
  • date of the last maintenance
  • links to the corresponding customer addresses
  • complete activity history
  • service history
  • service calls and reports

The latter are created by the employees directly in SMARTCRM after each service call. SMARTCRM automatically displays the data of the relevant instrument and therefore enables an all-around view.

The field employees use the SMARTCRM.App when on the go. They can see all important data on their iOS or Android smartphones, such as address or contact information as well as the full activity history.

All product information are also kept handy at any time, for instance:

  • list and purchase prices,
  • batch number
  • stocks on hand.

Likewise, information concerning a particular device, such as

  • status,
  • parameter settings
  • or previous service reports

are always accessible. If there is no Internet connection, for instance when visiting a lab, the employees can access all CRM data offline via their notebooks.

The complete user report can be found here

SMARTCRM enables more information transparency company-wide. An important milestone is the SMARTCRM.App, which provides us, when on the go, not only the CRM data but also the ERP data as well as the necessary information concerning our instruments in the lab.

Joël Mory, Head Administration at RUWAG Handels AG