SMARTCRM replaces existing CRM system at WEETECH


  • Manufacturer of test systems for cables, back planes, electronic parts and components


  • Replacement of the existing CRM system
  • Modules : Basis, Projects, Ticket, GeoMap, Exchange.Sync, Offline, App
  • 13 licenses
  • Interface to Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Use in the sales and service departments

Requirements and project goals:

  • Central bundling of all customer information from the ERP and CRM in a single system
  • Convenient quotation preparation with Microsoft Word templates in the corporate design, illustrated product text modules and resubmissions for follow-up actions
  • Optimal connection of the field service employees as well as route planning using the CRM software
  • Documentation and evaluation of the service inquiries

We are looking forward to welcoming the WEETECH GmbH as a new customer. From now on, our CRM solution supports the employees in sales and service.

SMARTCRM replaces the existing CRM system

SMARTCRM replaces the previously used CRM software at WEETECH. The choice was preceded by an intensive comparison of different CRM systems. Key to the decision were the interface to the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX as well as an optimal quotation preparation tool.

Convenient quotation preparation and follow-up

Addresses as well as products for the quotation preparation are taken over from the ERP to the CRM system via the interface.

Due to automated quotation writing and tracking processes, SMARTCRM now allows WEETECH to reduce the workload and to significantly save time. SMARTCRM enables the storage of individual quotation templates. These guarantee a unified layout corresponding to the corporate design. WEETECH can store all products as text modules with description, pictures and prices in several languages in the CRM system. When writing a quotation, the sales employee simply selects the required product and SMARTCRM automatically inserts the text module in the appropriate language on the quotation template. If the quotation is created, then it is automatically saved in the customer electronic file and can be sent to each contact person per e-mail directly from the CRM system. Resubmissions in the CRM system remind the person in charge of the follow-up of the open quotations.

Always up-to-date even on the go

The field service employees do not have to forgo important CRM information when on the roads. The current CRM data are indeed always available either per online access via an app on their smartphones or tablets or offline on their notebooks, i.e. without Internet connection. .

In addition, SMARTCRM supports the employees in planning their customer visits. Thus, they can select all nearby customers thanks to the area search and visualize them for route planning directly in Bing Maps.

SMARTCRM supports hotliners

Moreover, SMARTCRM is used in the service department. Hence, the CRM system allows the service employees to see immediately the most important data concerning the caller thanks to the CTI function. The activity history shows them at a glance in which contact one stood with the customer in the past. From now on, all tickets are documented in the CRM system, so that they remain traceable at all times and to evaluate possible optimization potentials. For quick and competent customer care, frequently asked questions and solution options can be stored in a knowledge database in SMARTCRM and can be called by the service employees at any time.

The customer

The WEETECH GmbH with headquarters in Wertheim, Germany, and subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Italy, Asia and the USA, is a global system and development supplier for high-quality test solutions. For more than 40 years, the company has been developing and producing test systems for cables, back planes, electronic parts and components.

The implemented modules


Thanks to its modular structure, SMARTCRM perfectly adapts to your business processes and requirements. The foundation of each SMARTCRM installation is the module SMARTCRM.Basis. Hereby, our CRM system already covers the important CRM tasks even across-department.



  • A colleague is sick? What has been discussed with the customer?
  • Has the quotation already been sent? Should you do a follow up?
  • When is the next agreed visit?
  • What field service tours are planned for next week?

SMARTCRM.Basis can tell you: what, when, with whom and with what result – centrally available in the CRM system for all employees and traceable even years after.

  • SMARTCRM.OfflineSMARTCRM.Offline


    • All CRM data handy on the go?
    • Talking through the open offers with the customer while visiting?
    • Writing a service report right after a maintenance appointment?
    • And all this without internet connection?

    With SMARTCRM.Offline, you always have your CRM with you – wherever you are.



    • Customer visit over? Record the important agreements immediately in the CRM?
    • And send a task regarding the offer directly to the colleague?
    • Has he time tomorrow to clarify the details?
    • And all this using your smartphone, regardless whether Android or iOS?

    SMARTCRM.App is your practical CRM on the go. Reach for important CRM data online at any time.



    • Accessing customer information over the browser?
    • Retrieve the current statistics figures online?
    • Creating appointments and tasks over the Web and send them directly to the colleagues?

    SMARTCRM.Web is your practical CRM on the go.



    • On the road and time left for a spontaneous visit? Perhaps with a prospective customer who has an open quotation? Who is nearby?
    • After three months, stopping by customers with declining sales? How do you optimize your driving route? See the route on a map?
    • And how to integrate the new customers in the existing sales tours?

    SMARTCRM.GeoMap shows you the direct path to customers.

  • SMARTCRM.PlanningSMARTCRM.Planning


    • Annual planning depending on territories? Key accounts? Or individual customers?
    • And also considering the seasonal curves?
    • Should there be any plan deviations, how quickly can you react and adjust the projected figures?

    SMARTCRM.Planning offers you the long-term vision without losing sight of the latest developments.

  • SMARTCRM.ScannerSMARTCRM.Scanner


    • Push business cards straight into the CRM?
    • With minimal effort?
    • During the fair?
    • And without internet connection?

    With SMARTCRM.Scanner, you save yourself from the cumbersome typing.

  • SMARTCRM.Exchange.SyncSMARTCRM.Exchange.Sync


    • Keeping track – not only of your own appointments but also of the ones of your team colleagues?
    • And what did the colleague representing you agree with the customer?
    • Is there anything written on this topic? An e-mail perhaps – and not only in the Outlook of the colleague but also centrally in the CRM?
    • And everything, without having to worry about how the data end up in Outlook and in the CRM – because everything runs automatically?

    With SMARTCRM.Exchange.Sync you are still in control of your appointments while on the go.

  • SMARTCRM.TargetsSMARTCRM.Targets


    • Targets defined – and now?
    • How close are you to your target agreements?
    • How close is your team? And the whole company?
    • Are there any indications that you cannot achieve your goals? How can you react?

    With SMARTCRM.Targets, you keep the target in mind.

  • SMARTCRM.ProjectsSMARTCRM.Projects


    • Creating quotations in a few clicks and keeping track of all of them for follow-ups?
    • How high are the chances of success?
    • What is the current project forecast?
    • Who plays which role in the project and which arguments could convince the decision-makers?

    With SMARTCRM.Projects, you know exactly in each phase of your sales project you need to start.

  • SMARTCRM.MachinesSMARTCRM.Machines


    • Which machines has the customer in use?
    • When does the warranty expire and how long is the service contract?
    • When is the next maintenance work?
    • And at the customers’ premises? All urgently needed device information at hand?
    • Directly organizing a spare part delivery?
    • After the repair, immediately creating the maintenance report?

    SMARTCRM.Machines is our support for your service department.



    • Quickly finding real solutions for customer calls?
    • Creating service cases and directly informing the relevant colleagues?
    • Coordinating and monitoring service appointments?
    • Early detection that several customers have already reported the same error?

    With SMARTCRM.Ticket, complaints become an opportunity to whip up enthusiasm in your customers.



    • Always the corresponding solution for a customer problem?
    • Whipping up enthusiasm in your customers with quick help?
    • Sharing your solutions with colleagues?

    This works! With SMARTCRM.FAQ, your company-wide knowledge database.



    • Checking the current sales development before the annual evaluation meeting?
    • And comparing the sales trend of the top customer in your territory?
    • What products, that he has not been using yet, can you offer him?
    • Where can you see potential which are not yet used?

    SMARTCRM.Sales shows you the answers since this is the CRM with your figures.



    • Here, CRM with customer information, there, ERP with figures and products – is there an easier way?
    • Everything important in one system? A centralized access for all colleagues?
    • Connecting ERP and CRM hassle-free? Best with a “finished” interface, which can be quickly and easily set up as a standard solution?

    With SMARTCRM.ERP, all customer-related ERP information can be found directly in SMARTCRM. 98% of our customers use the interface between SMARTCRM and their ERP solution. Do the same and rely on our interface competence.