A good combination: CRM from Palatine and natural food from the Lake Constance


With Bodan GmbH, once again a wholesale company has chosen SMARTCRM.

For more than 30 years, Bodan has delivered natural food retailers with 100% organic goods. With a pioneering storage and transportation logistics, 200 employees ensure that the goods arrive fresh in the stores daily – to more than 550 sales outlets throughout Southern Germany and beyond. Furthermore, the company located in Überlingen, Germany, offers a wide range of services. Thus, BODAN brings support through expert knowledge, contact and experience both in the run-up to an opening as well as in everyday marketing: from advice on business start-ups and IT optimization to advertising and marketing planning as well as training concepts.

From now on, SMARTCRM supports the employees in sales and marketing. One of the goals of the CRM implementation is to improve the communication between back office and field service. This way, the field staff should have better access to important data so that they do not need to keep asking the back office staff. A quick and comprehensive visit preparation is enabled since the field service employees can now call up directly in the CRM system all relevant customer information – from the right contact person, via the communication history to the sales figures. SMARTCRM provides the sales staff questionnaires whose answers can be directly entered in SMARTCRM. As the range of products varies according to the season, the SMARTCRM visit report templates are tailored to the proper merchandise.

Sales tours and their itineraries can now be comfortably planned in SMARTCRM and visualized in Bing Maps. When on the go, the CRM solution enables optimal connectivity by making all CRM data available on notebooks or tablet PCs – even in areas with limited internet activity.

Another requirement was to keep an overview of the current sales figures. Using a standard interface to the ERP system Navision, SMARTCRM imports the sales figures and evaluates them. This is how the CRM solution answers, for instance, the sales employee’s question, which customer buys which product. By knowing which food products are often bought in combination, cross-selling potentials can be identified and the sales staff can offer additional products in a targeted way. A second standard interface connects SMARTCRM to the DMS system ELO. Among others this allows BODAN to call up documents from ELO directly in the CRM system or to transfer files to the DMS system.

In addition, the marketing employees are going to benefit from campaign management in SMARTCRM. Marketing campaigns can be planned, documented in details and fully tracked. Mailings can be directly send from the CRM solution and then evaluated. Freely definable features help BODAN employees to select the right recipients and minimize the distribution losses.