The SMART Board

Sustainable support for the sales team

As the start screen of our CRM solution, the SMART Board is its core. Numerous overviews and diagrams providing all important information for the work day are displayed on it and therefore consultable right at the beginning of or during the day. Since each user needs different information for their processes, everyone can compile their individual SMART Board. Therefore, SMARTCRM displays at a glance only the necessary data  for the individual work processes – no matter in which department one works. This way, SMARTCRM provides all information required for successful sales management.

As sales manager always up-to-date

For sales managers, it is important to keep track of their whole team – and for instance to know individual sales figures in each sales territory. On the SMART Board, individual figures such as the target/performance comparison of the sales revenue on the customer or the territory level are accessible in various diagrams (requires SMARTCRM.Sales). With just one click, sales managers can switch between the individual sales overview of the employees.

The target agreements of all sales employees are displayed on the SMART Board, providing the appropriate rights were assigned (requires SMARTCRM.Targets). The tachometer representation shows the respective status at a glance.

This way, SMARTCRM provides a complete view of all current developments at any time and indicates which parameters offer the best improvement potential under these circumstances.

Manifold forecast evaluations

Information can be clearly regrouped by topics on diverse tabs of the SMART Board. One possibility is for instance to create a forecast tab (requires SMARTCRM.Sales). Indeed SMARTCRM offers numerous forecast evaluations and overviews that can be displayed on the SMART Board. Therefore, sales managers can always keep track of the current status, how the forecast has developed in the past months compared to the incoming orders, which offers are still open or commissioned, or which projects are likely to be realized shortly.

All field service tours at a glance

If the field employees visit customers and prospective customers on a regular basis, these tours can be planned and managed in SMARTCRM (requires SMARTCRM.TourPlanning). In order that sales managers keep an eye of pending and completed tours, all important tour information is displayed on the start screen: to which employee the tour has been assigned, which customer or prospective customer will be visited and when, whether the customer visit is already overdue according to the defined visit schedule and which tours are planned in the coming weeks. If additionally SMARTCRM.GeoMap is in use, then for instance customer addresses with overdue visit can also be transferred directly to a Bing Map for route planning. 

The SMART Board provides information at all times not only to the team manager but also to the field employee concerning their current tour. New tours can be easily created from the SMART Board.

The SMART Board in the customer or prospective customer file: address-related evaluations at a glance

SMARTCRM offers not only a company-wide but also an address-related overview with relevant sales information, since every customer or prospective customer file contains a tab with SMART Board disclosure concerning all important information, such as statistics (requires SMARTCRM.Sales), lasts visits or the open quotations. An overview of the order cycle can sales work sustainably support (requires SMARTCRM.Projects). SMARTCRM then calculates when and how many pieces a customer is probably going to order again based on previous order cycles. This way, one can see whether there are deviations by just opening the customer file. If no order has been made, the sales team can quickly take countermeasures.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the SMART Board or are interested in specific evaluations? We will be glad to give you more details or to present you the SMART Board in an online demo.


The SMART Board is part of SMARTCRM basic system:



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