Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

SRM is the abbreviation for Supplier Relationship Management, a part of the Supply Chain Management

In contrast to CRM, it is not about the relationships between companies and their customers but between companies and their suppliers. SRM refers to the planning and the management of these relationships with the loyalty of the suppliers as a goal. So, the approaches of the Customer Relationship Management are applied in the inverted way of the supply chain.

Thereby, a SRM system is frequently used. The software bundles and manages all supplier and purchasing information and thus providing the employees with all information they need as a central knowledge database.

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SMARTCRM provides all supplier information as well as analyses and supports you in establishing and strengthening successful business relationships.


CRM for the purchasing department


Really good supplier relationships can only be consolidated if you know existing and potential suppliers. A CRM system can provide the functions of the SRM as well, since the supplier relationships have a lot in common with customer relationships.


CRM and ERP: two strong partners

Combining advantages, increasing efficiency

Can an ERP system also cover all CRM functions? The answer is: no! Both solutions support specific corporate divisions but their joint use enables the optimization of many business processes. Get to know these advantages that a combination of ERP and CRM opens up to.