Part 2: SMARTCRM.ERP in use at our customers

Multi-client capability, ERP replacement and purchasing processes in SMARTCRM

In the last blog post, we have already presented you some examples about how our customers could benefit from SMARTCRM.ERP, our interface between CRM and ERP systems. Now, we present you further advantages of the connection to the ERP.

Cross-client information

If a company has multiple sites, many of our customers represent them in the ERP system through clients. These can be easily taken over in the CRM system. This way, the employees access only the information they need for their processes. In addition, SMARTCRM offers the great advantage that data can be viewed across all clients if required – and quite comfortably, without having to switch to other clients by logging off and on. For instance, the manifold BI analyses of the ERP figures in the CRM system across all clients are accessible provided you possess the appropriate rights. The target group for a marketing campaign can also be determined and selected across all clients in SMARTCRM.

ERP replacement

In the event of the simultaneous ERP replacement and CRM implementation, companies are wondering what should be done with the ERP legacy data. Thus, they are in most of the cases not transferrable to the new ERP solution. This issue is easy to solve when using SMARTCRM. Indeed, a one-time legacy data transfer from the previous ERP system is simply possible. This way, the complete history of the transaction data, invoice items, incoming order items, etc. remains intact in the CRM system and for example which product a customer purchased 3 years ago remains therefore traceable for our customers. Future data are then transferred from the new ERP solution over the interface.

If our customers decide to replace their ERP system, while SMARTCRM is already in operation, they can benefit from the flexibility of our ERP interface as well. This will indeed not be completely new configured in this case, but adapted to the new system. SMARTCRM offers here also a huge advantage since the history of ERP legacy data do not get lost after the ERP replacement, but remain in our CRM solution.

SRM processes with SMARTCRM

Again and again, our customers decide to reproduce their purchasing processes in SMARTCRM. They create their suppliers in the CRM system and document the complete communication in the corresponding supplier file. For a request, potential suppliers are conveniently filtered and written to directly out of SMARTCRM. The incoming offers are transferred from Microsoft Outlook thanks to the module SMARTCRM.Exchange.Sync, the orders, the stock on order and open invoices are taken over through the interface to the ERP solution. This way, the purchasing staff keeps track of who has bought which product, which orders are still open or which conditions applied to the order.

“Ready-to-use” interfaces to your ERP systems

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Part 1: SMARTCRM.ERP in use at our customers

Quotation preparation and tracking

98% of our customers rely on the interaction of ERP and CRM systems – and use therefore SMARTCRM.ERP, the connection of our CRM solution to the implemented ERP software.  We offer a standard interface to many ERP systems that can be quickly and easily set up. Learn more about how our customers use the connection of SMARTCRM and ERP solution for optimal quotation preparation and tracking.