Plan, document and evaluate service processes

This is how our customers use SMARTCRM in service and support

Whether capital goods industry or trade, large machines or small components, service work on site at the customer’s or telephone hotline – the processes and therefore the requirements in the service department are different. The solutions that SMARTCRM offers to optimize the service processes are as much different as the needs. Let us present some of them based on three customer cases.

Plan service tours

Our first customer case comes from the machine and plant engineering industry. The company uses SMARTCRM to plan and document the service and maintenance appointments. All important information concerning the sold machines, such as location, construction year and technical data are stored in the CRM system. In order not to miss any due maintenance appointment, the service employees use the follow-up in SMARTCRM that reminds of the maintenance based on the defined intervals. In addition, an overview on your SMART Board, your SMARTCRM start screen, displays your upcoming maintenance appointments at any time for the following month for instance. The corresponding customer address can be transferred to Bing Maps with a click and its location can be visualized there on a map. This allows the user to see immediately which tours can be optimally combined and the route planning is done in no time. The CRM system then automatically generates appointments and activities for the planned visits to the respective employee.

Not only the maintenance appointments but also the service works can be coordinated and planned as well. If a customer calls with a complaint because a machine does not run properly, the service employee enters this in the corresponding CRM customer file, links it to the appropriate machine and create an appointment in the schedule of the service technician in charge. Thus, all information are bundled in the CRM system. A SMART Board overview shows the employees their upcoming service appointments, so that these can also be transferred for the route planning to Bing Maps. In the ideal case, service visits and maintenance appointments can be combined in a tour.

If spare parts are needed to repair a machine, the employee can record the order in the CRM system while still at the customer’s. In addition, the used parts are documented in the CRM system and this information is sent to the back office colleagues in charge to prepare the invoice.

After the service call, the service employee can record in SMARTCRM his expenses as well as his service report. Thus, the course of the service call as well as the repair of the machine is fully traceable.

Expert advice with the service hotline

Another customer case shows how SMARTCRM fully supports the service processes also in trade. Thus, the local support team uses the CRM solution to record the complaints received by phone or e-mail. The hotline employee knows which customer is calling and all important information even before answering the phone. With just a click, a new ticket is documented in the customer file with the appropriate contact. In addition, tickets are linked to the respective product and further information such as production or order numbers are deposited. This is how the possibility of later evaluations is guaranteed.

If the complaint is sent by e-mail, SMARTCRM automatically sets the number assigned to the ticket in the subject line of the confirmation e-mail sent via a button. The e-mails are thus allocated to the appropriate ticket.

Common issues are also available in a SMARTCRM knowledge database, along with suggestions for solutions, so that customers can be quickly and competently helped.

Document and evaluate information

Not all tickets can be rapidly closed. If a returned component has to be appraised, repaired or replaced, this may take a few days. This is why the company of our third customer case documents all steps of the processing of the ticket in an 8D report directly in the CRM system. Thanks to checkboxes, the employees can mark whether the ticket is a guarantee or a goodwill case or whether it must be invoiced. A ticket can be exported to the ERP system using a button.

Various SMART Board overviews show the service employees right at the start of the CRM solution the tickets they have to process, so that all customer queries can be rapidly handled.

First, the numerous documented ticket information guarantees the optimal tracking. Then, it provides important evaluations such as the analysis of the type of error, the frequency or the calculation of the complaint rate of a given product. The duration of the process is also analyzed, where SMARTCRM visually highlights each ticket using different colors.

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