Why are CRM solutions useful for SMEs?

Why does a SME company need CRM support? Quite simple! CRM in SMEs means more efficient processes in marketing, service and sales, stronger customer loyalty and more satisfied customers.


CRM for the purchasing department


Really good supplier relationships can only be consolidated if you know existing and potential suppliers. A CRM system can provide the functions of the SRM as well, since the supplier relationships have a lot in common with customer relationships.


Tips on CRM implementation

Questions you should ask yourself before introducing a CRM system

You would like to implement a CRM system in your company? So that your CRM project runs successfully from the start, we provide you some questions to make you think about it.


CRM in sales

Increases, structures, optimizes

For which reasons should sales employees work with a CRM system? Pursuing this question is actually worthwhile – since a CRM system can significantly optimize sales management in supporting them. It is based on information, structured, evaluated and always up-to-date – an invaluable tool in dealing with customers and prospective customers.


CRM and Controlling

Your figures are a valuable basis for sales and other departments. However, they will be really useful when prepared and analyzed. A CRM system that offers detailed analysis possibilities can provide sustainable support.


SMARTCRM in the capital goods industry

Closer to customers in sales and service

Customer contact has a special significance for a manufacturer in the capital goods industry, since it does not end with the sale. The subsequent care is crucial for customer loyalty. Learn how SMARTCRM supports companies in the capital goods industry.