Customer example: trade fair evaluations with SMARTCRM

Analyzing your success at the fair with SMARTCRM.Sales

For one of our customers, we have customized functions to meet their requirements. These enable their sales and marketing staffs an extensive review of the fairs at which the company is represented as an exhibitor. In the following, we present how the customer is supported by SMARTCRM.

Assignment of a feature per trade fair

For every fair at which our customer has a stand, the employees create a feature in SMARTCRM. The date of the first day of the fair is then stored in the properties and at the same time it is defined whether the feature is relevant for a fair analysis. Finally, the visitors of the stand at the trade fair are created in the CRM system and the corresponding feature assigned. Moreover, SMARTCRM automatically categorizes the addresses as customer, prospective customer already stored in SMARTCRM or new prospective customer depending on their status at the time of the fair.

Analysis of the trade fair success

Our customer uses the module SMARTCRM.Sales to analyze trade fair success. We have extended this module by a new tab containing the required customer-specific analyses. This way, employees can first select the trade fair to be analyzed and the time period to considerate using the features. Given that our customer works in different lines of business, the analyses can either be restricted to a certain business area, or cumulatively invoked in all business areas. With just one click, SMARTCRM shows the number for each of the three types – customers, prospective customers and new prospective customer:

  • the addresses or contacts recorded at the fair stand,
  • the new projects created in the bidding phase within the time period under consideration,
  • the lost projects,
  • the orders
  • and the total of the respective invoice and incoming order items.

SMARTCRM imports the relevant figures depending on the line of business from the implemented ERP system via an interface.

Evaluation by means of the four field matrix
A list of these addresses, contacts, projects or invoice items can be displayed to the employees using this overview. If, for instance, one is interested in observing the development of the prospective customers gained at the fair, one can directly jump from the list of prospective customers to the required address file. Beside to numerous detailed information, four field matrixes per line of business provide an immediate overview of which business areas the address is of particular importance and whether the address has already become a customer. For this purpose, the employees store the most important parameters regarding the competitive situation, for example, company size, discounts, turnover, etc. SMARTCRM then displays in a four field matrix how the customer or prospective customer can be estimated for the respective line of business.


You are a fair exhibitor and would like to know how you can analyze your success at the fair with SMARTCRM? We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you!


SMARTCRM – Your helpful companion at trade fairs

Convenient lead acquisition with the SMARTCRM.App

Soon the trade fair season starts again – and once again many companies are confronted with the question: how can we easily transfer all contact information collected at the trade fair into the CRM system? With SMARTCRM, no need to type all business cards! All contact data are recorded in the CRM system using SMARTCRM.App in no time!