Computer Aided Selling

Definition of the term CAS

With the goal of efficient and systematic sales processes and therefore an increase in sales deals, the term Computer Aided Selling – CAS for short – includes all computer-aided information and communication systems for the field service as well as tools and methods supporting sales.

This includes hardware and software as well as the transfer of the gathered information from the field to the back office.

They support the field service to prepare and follow up the meeting, to manage the quotations, contracts and further customer information as well as the communication with the back office.

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SMARTCRM in sales means to recognize potentials and seize opportunities. It forms the basis for identifying market trends at an early stage, generating prospective customers and gaining competitive advantage.



SMARTCRM delivers all current information and analyses that you need as a founded basis for your management.


SMARTCRM in field service

CRM in mobile use – online or offline, on all mobile devices!

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CRM in sales

Increases, structures, optimizes

For which reasons should sales employees work with a CRM system? Pursuing this question is actually worthwhile – since a CRM system can significantly optimize sales management in supporting them. It is based on information, structured, evaluated and always up-to-date – an invaluable tool in dealing with customers and prospective customers.


Stages of the lead management

Turn prospects into customers

Learn what is behind the term lead management, which different stages it can be divided into and which tools can be used here.


Professional quotation preparation and tracking in SMARTCRM

Writing quotations belongs to the daily work of sales staff. Hereby, the two most important points are: first the creation of professional quotation and second its tracking. SMARTCRM supports you in every sales phases, reduces time and effort when creating and tracking your quotations and provides all important information at any time.


CRM and Controlling

Your figures are a valuable basis for sales and other departments. However, they will be really useful when prepared and analyzed. A CRM system that offers detailed analysis possibilities can provide sustainable support.