SMARTCRM and abas


More than 100 installations: SMARTCRM and abas

Everything worth knowing in just one system? Centralized access for colleagues in field service and back office? Best with a “ready-to-use” interface, which can be quickly and easily set up as a standard solution?

With SMARTCRM.ERP.abas, all customer-related ERP information can be found directly in SMARTCRM.


Since 2000, we have been cooperating with the abas Software AG and have steadily expanded our experience in more than 100 common installations.

Using a configurable and adjustable EDP interface any data from abas ERP can be read and written back, such as:

  • Clients
  • Addresses
  • Editors
  • Product master data
  • Quotation and order positions
  • Sales, contribution margin
  • Order on hands, incoming orders
  • Open items
  • Any individual tables, e.g., conditions or special prices


of our customer use abas ERP.



and take advantage of bundling both systems and to use them as a strong entity.


SMARTCRM.ERP.abas used by our customers

Before, every operating department kept its own treasure. Today, through SMARTCRM, I am always informed and never have the feeling that any information is missing. Thanks to the CRM System our sales processes are more transparent. For sales is SMARTCRM the right tool.

Roman Merk, Sales manager of the Bremicker Verkehrstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

We have eliminated our double quotation writing. The sales-relative data are current at any time for our sales employees and available all around the world. SMARTCRM facilitates our maintenance development and the assembly process.

Bernd Breuninger, CRM project manager at Herrmann Ultraschall GmbH & Co. KG