Sales and purchasing departments take advantage of SMARTCRM with the interface to abas

The Günther Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG relies on CRM support

Once again, an abas customer has decided to introduce our CRM solution. From mid-sized business for mid-sized business: this will be the moto at Günther Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG. The CRM implementation should now provide employees with a panoramic view of customers and suppliers. For this purpose, SMARTCRM is connected to the abas ERP which is also deployed. In the CRM selection process, we scored with our bidirectional standard interface to abas ERP as well as our decades of expertise. Not only the sales department, but also the purchasing department takes advantage from this interface and the extensive SRM functionalities in SMARTCRM.


Vacation time – Substitution time

Stay on top of things with SMARTCRM even in the case of a substitution

Vacation, illness, parental leave: regardless of why a colleague is not at work: if important tasks should not be left behind, a team member must take over as a substitute. In all customer-oriented departments, this means quickly familiarizing yourself with the acquired customers and prospects. With SMARTCRM and the SMARTCRM.Organizer you don’t have to worry about that.


CRM support and interface expertise for all business units

WILKA relies on SMARTCRM with the connection to proALPHA and Inxmail

From now on, WILKA Schließtechnik GmbH will rely on our CRM solution in its field and office sales, as well as in service and marketing. WILKA decided to introduce a CRM system because, for example, the field sales force did not have direct access to the data stored in the ERP system proALPHA. A central system with all customer-related information, which can be viewed by all employees, was missing. This will change with SMARTCRM and the connections to proALPHA and Inxmail.


Sales support at Proton Motor thanks to SMARTCRM and abas connection

Convenient quotation preparation and tracking in the CRM

From now on, our CRM solution supports field and office sales staff of the Proton Motor Fuel Cell. The most important goal of the CRM implementation is the optimal tracking of the quotations. Thanks to the Microsoft Office integration, sales employees will create their quotations directly in the CRM solution. In addition, SMARTCRM could be easily connected to the ERP solution used by Proton Motor, abas ERP, using our bidirectional standard interface.


High performance sales work thanks to centralized information access

Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobenstein GmbH opts to use SMARTCRM

The sales staff of Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobenstein GmbH will rely on our CRM solution SMARTCRM in the future. The company decided to introduce a CRM system in order to optimize communication between office and field service and to eliminate isolated applications. In the CRM decision, the choice fell very quickly on SMARTCRM. In addition to the software, our outstanding consulting and our cooperation partnership with PROXESS GmbH were key.


Becker Putztextilien GmbH has decided to use SMARTCRM

Optimal sales work thanks to the interface to rona:office and quotation writing within the CRM

Becker Putztextilien GmbH has decided to use our CRM solution in sales and distribution. An important goal of the CRM implementation is the optimization of quotation writing: quick quotations make it easier for sales staff to prepare them in a near future. The products are transferred from the ERP system rona:office deployed at becker Putztextilien GmbH, which we have connected to our CRM system via an interface. In addition, field integration has been optimized.


SMARTCRM supports sales and distribution of FOGTEC Fire Protection

Intelligent CRM solution for intelligent fire protection solutions

From now on, our CRM solution supports FOGTEC sales staff. The goal of the CRM implementation is to bundle all customer-related data in one system. Both the stand-alone solutions as well as local data storage should belong to the past from now on. SMARTCRM impressed in the CRM selection process with its preconfigured standard interface to proALPHA. Another key criterion was the multi-client capability of the software. Thus, in SMARTCRM, there are different clients for different business units.


Successful implementation in dental and medical technologies

SMARTCRM scores in sales and distribution at Hager & Meisinger GmbH

Since 2020, field and office sales employees of Hager & Meisinger GmbH have been working with SMARTCRM and a standard interface to proALPHA. The acceptance of SMARTCRM among the sales staff in the office and in the field is very high. The transparency for customer relationships has significantly increased. Fast access to customer-specific data enables employees to easily derive suitable sales measures.